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My hopes

This withdrawal from social media doesn’t turn into withdrawal from people. 

I spend more time doing things I love.

I’ll cherish the time I spend with people

I’ll annoy people when they’re on their phones around me because it’ll be the only time I get to “socialize”

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This year we had an exchange student from Palestine. The first day he was here, the fighter pilots at the Air Force base in our city did a practice flight.

He hid under the desk and was confused when we didn’t react, and just looked at him funny. “Why are you doing that?” We asked him. “Why aren’t you?” He replied. He explained to us why he did that, and in the middle of history class, we learned about the crisis in Palestine.

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Tron Prom Dress by Victoria Schmidt / Scruffy Rebel and Jinyo

Programmed by Jinyo with some savvy hacking skills and el wire, Victoria aka Scruffy Rebel rocked this Tron Dress at San Diego Comic-Con ‘11… for the Users!

Victoria: Website & Jinyo (Lead photo: dr_teng / other photos: LJinto)

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